Introductory to our regional association

Our regional association has existed for over 30 years. It was founded in 1978 as a parent self-help association and was headed by Prof. Dr. med. HE sweeper accompanied. One of his most important life tasks was the research and diagnosis of early childhood autism. His findings and the very concrete help that he gave to autistic people, parents and therapists, has been a significant accompaniment to the parents' association.

Our goals are:

the regular exchange with our members
regular meetings
Free time in Schillig
Information events on all issues of autism
The board consists of five members:

Margret Homborg
Gisela Böckmann
Marita Hejnal-Penter
Volker Thrän
Bärbel Wiethaus-Thrän
Since the end of 2015, our association has joined the naming of the Federal Association and is now called:  autism - Regional Association Münster and Münsterland eV

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